@Mason GB Reads RBG:
@Mason GB Reads RBG: Dissent Collars for kids
Mason Library

Thursday, Apr. 19, 2:30-3:30pm
To celebrate RBG's famous collars, we will be making our own.
RBG has long been known for the lace collars or jabots (a fancy collar) she pairs with her robe. Since taking her oath of office in 1993, they have at times been long, short, lacy, sparkly and even blue. The collars make more than just a fashion statement. Take her dissent collar, for example, which is worn to show disagreement and, according to NBC News, “stray from the majority opinion on decisions before the high court”. Many took notice when she wore that very collar one day after Donald Trump won the election.

Craft good for ages 7 & up, registration needed
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