Teen Zipline Event
Boundless Adventures, 154 River Road, Berlin

Friday, Jun. 28, 2:00-5:00pm
We'll meet at Boundless Adventures for a zipline and aerial adventure! With courses for all skill levels, ages 12-18 will challenge their boundaries as they swing, climb, balance, traverse and zip-line through a treetop experience. Professional guides will be on hand to provide emotional and physical support for any participants. Adventure sports can be a great way for youth with autism spectrum disorder to develop physical skills, build self-confidence, and improve socialization. All teens are welcome! This event is free and grant funded, but registration is required in advance. 

A legal guardian is required to fill out a waiver form for their teen upon arrival at Boundless Adventures, 154 River Road, Berlin. Parents are welcome to stay during the event. Park rules and attire can be found here: https://boundlessadventures.net/ma-park/rules-policies/ 
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