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The New Science of L
The New Science of Love and Romance
Cranbury Public Library

Tuesday, Apr. 30, 6:30pm
What is romantic love? For centuries, the mysteries of romantic love have been in the province of mystics, poets and philosophers experienced as intoxicating and illogical. Research now tells us that love is a survival mechanism. It’s both logical and functional. This talk on The New Science of Love and Romance will explore common myths and reveal what science tells us about romantic love’s purpose and function presented by Terri DiMatteo, LPC.

Speaker Bio:
Relationship and couple counselor Terri DiMatteo, LPC is the founder of Open Door Therapy. She helps individuals and couples repair and strengthen their romantic bonds. Her practice specialties include affair recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse. Terri has a blog and podcast, Lovebonds, both with worldwide reach. Her expertise in relationships has been featured in publications like New Jersey Brides Magazine, AskMen, PsychCentral, Newsweek, and the Princeton Perspective.

Located in Meeting Room 1 +2
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