Cranbury Public Library
F E A T U R E D   E V E N T
Cultural Change in the 1960’s (including the Counterculture
Cranbury Public Library

Thursday, Mar. 23, 6:30pm

Change was rampant in the 1960’s. From religion, to recreational drugs, to nuclear weapons, to the end of American Isolation, to the advent and the later widespread use of the contraceptive pill, to generational “gaps” there was the need to assimilate these changes and other changes into a New World. The process in the USA, in the shadow of the Vietnam War, was painful but inevitable. This presentation will trace the changes occurring after the Second World War and evaluate the way literature, politics, international relations, the family, and both the pre- and post-World War generations reacted to them.

Presented by Paul Groom

This presentation will take place in Meeting Room 1. 

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