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Upcoming Event at Cooper Siegel Community Library
Organize Your Life
CSCL Program Room
Thursday, Oct. 24, 6:00-8:00
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Come learn about the KonMari Method™ of organizing your home and your life!  Certified KonMari Consultant, Christine Hofler will cover the rules of KonMari organizing, share stories and photos from real homes that have been KonMari-ed, clear up misconceptions about the method, demonstrate the KonMari folding technique, and answer your questions. Please bring a T-Shirt, Jeans/pants (or anything difficult to fold) to participate in the interactive folding demonstrations. Christine will also lead an exercise to help you visualize and articulate your ideal lifestyle.  Program cost is $25.  


Christine has been organizing all her life, and loves to help her clients move from cluttered to clear, from overwhelmed to ordered, and from frustrated to flourishing. She is one of the first 200 people to be certified in the KonMari Method™, one of only 5 consulting in Pennsylvania, and the only one working in the Pittsburgh area. When she’s not organizing, you can often find her curled up with a library book and a cup of tea.