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OCTOBER 17, 2012
A Book We Love: Unwholly
Unwholly by Neal Shusterman is Book 2 in the Unwind series. If you like survival stories unwhollyand light science fiction, and especially if you have already read Unwind, you will be engrossed again by Unwholly. "Unwinding" is the compromise the Pro-choice and the Pro-Life supporters came to after the Heartland War divided the United States in a second Civil War. It allows 13 – 17 years to be unwound if their parents decide they can no longer handle them. "Unwound" parts are used in all sorts of transplants.The main characters from Book 1 reappear in Unwholly, along with some very interesting new characters. Did I mention that Shusterman wrote these books for teens? Even if you aren’t a teen, check the series out. If you can’t find any good books to read, Shusterman's writing will make you want to read again.


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