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Sunday, Aug. 26, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Prestigious Chinese calligraphy experts from Colorado and China will give a lecture on the art and beauty of Chinese Calligraphy. 
Chinese calligraphy possesses a distinctive history and is a quintessential element of traditional Chinese culture. During the lecture, a basic introduction to Chinese calligraphy is provided, covering the origin and historical evolution of calligraphy, as well as an introduction to brush, ink, paper and ink stone, which are called the “Four Treasures of the Studio”. Furthermore, the vigorous and undulating strokes, the well-balanced and proper structures of Chinese characters and composition of a calligraphy work from start to finish will also be discussed. The experts will also demonstrate and instruct the audience on how to practice Chinese calligraphy on site for those who are interested. Participants will be able to use the Chinese brushes and experience the wonder of Chinese calligraphy.  

This event will be hosted in the Quiet Study Room on the lower level of Aurora Central Library.

For more information, contact Sara at or 303.739.6589.
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