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Join us for upcoming events, classes and programs at Madison Public Library! All events are free and open to the public. Registration required where noted.
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September Teen Craft
39 Keep Street
Wednesday, Sep. 26, 4-5pm
September Teen Craft Series 

Join the Teen Librarian in the Courtyard from 4-5pm fir a crafting hour!

For our second craft, we will be making stress relief balls out of balloons, flour, and essential oils! 
Owl Pellet Observati
39 Keep Street
Tuesday, Oct. 2, 4-5pm
After an introduction to the amazing adaptations of New Jersey's owls using feathers, taxidermy mounts, and other artifacts, pairs dissect owl pellets to reconstruct the skeletons of their prey. 

Registration is required, as spaces are limited. 

We will meet in the Chase Room. 
Tween Steam Hour (3r
39 Keep Street
Friday, Oct. 5, 4-5pm

Join us for an hour of STEAM freeplay fun in the Chase Room. 

Spheros, Snap Circuits, LEGOS, oh my! 

See what fun you can get into with the library's techy gadgets. 

Potion Bottle Neckla
39 Keep Street
Wednesday, Oct. 10, 4-5pm
Create your own unique potion necklace! It's a perfectly spooky way to begin celebrating Halloween! 

Registration is required as supplies are limited. 
Unplugged Gamers (4t
39 Keep Street
Thursday, Oct. 18, 4-5pm

It's time for some old fashioned gaming! Join us for an hour of fun games without a screen.

Snacks provided. Meet in the Rushmore Room. 
The ABC’s of C
39 Keep Street
Tuesday, Oct. 23, 7:00 pm

Just in time for Halloween, a representative from the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts will be presenting a lecture on the history of candy, from A to Z. The lecture will conclude with candy sampling. There will be sugar- free and sugary candy to try. Registration required. Free.

Anime & Ramen Aftern
39 Keep Street
Friday, Oct. 26, 4-5pm
Your favorite anime + noodles = the perfect after school hangout! 

Meet in the Chase Room! 
The Witchcraft Craze
39 Keep Street
Monday, Oct. 29, 7:00pm
Join Deborah Hoeflinger as she describes how during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries about 60,000 people in Europe and in the American colonies were executed for being witches. In this program, we will explore several aspects of the craze including the causes, the people who were accused, the end of the craze and its effects on society. We will also look at modern day instances of witch hunting and the efforts to eradicate the practice. 
Cards for Hospitaliz
39 Keep Street
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 4-5pm
"Being in the hospital, battling a health condition is difficult at any time, but especially difficult during the holidays. This is why we want to give a holiday card to as many hospitalized kids as possible this holiday season. We hope you will help by making cards.

Last year, hospitals and/or Ronald McDonald Houses in all 50 states, including D.C, received holiday cards from us. We hope to match that this year & reach even more kids!" -- http://www.cardsforhospitalizedkids.com

Meet in the Lobby of the library to make some awesome cards for hospitalized children this holiday season!
This event is ALL ages! 
Social Media Photogr
39 Keep Street
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 7-8:30pm

5th grade and up (including teens). 

Social media is an important way for people to communicate with each other. Never has it been more important to share great pictures with your friends, family and community. 

Learn how you can take dynamic pictures that will grab the attention you desire. Brien Szabo, a local professional photographer, will share five great tips that will turn your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary. Use one of the tips or combine them any way you want for successful photos.

For over twenty years, Brien has been teaching people how to capture pictures that make people go, "wow."

Registration is required.

Legends and Lore of
39 Keep Street
Wednesday, Dec. 12, 7:30pm

December, with its long nights and festive celebrations, is a time for reflection and reminiscence. Join David Emerson of History on the Hoof as he conjures the ghosts of Christmases past to present the Legends and Lore of the Winter holidays. Hear the traditional stories, learn of the origins of archaic customs such as the Christmas Tree, and discover how the Victorians in general -- and three authors in particular -- revitalized and reinvented our favorite holiday. A veritable cornucopia of holiday treats certain to delight the entire family.

Essential Oils Intro
39 Keep Street
Wednesday, Dec. 19, 7:oo PM
Come Learn about essential oils and their uses. Learn how to choose the right oils, different grades of essential oils, distillation processes, and how to include them in every day life.
Go, van Gogh! Armcha
39 Keep Street
Tuesday, Jan. 22, 7:oo PM
Pastor and painter Vincent van Gogh produced more than 2,000 works of art in his last decade. Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo that, as he had no children, he viewed his paintings as his progeny. Let’s explore some of these “brilliant children,” especially those at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Come spend an evening with art historian Michael Norris to learn about van Gogh's art and life.
 Paintings of the Du
39 Keep Street
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 7:00 pm
Get to know the part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the pictures of Frans Hals, Jan Vermeer, and Rembrandt von Rijn. Along the way, learn about the Dutch Republic in its 17th-century heyday, including its tulip mania and the Flying Dutchman! Presented by art historian Michael Norris. 
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