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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Wagner, Frank E.Hunter1 Nov 1907
Wagner, Frank L.Hunter10 Mar 1908
Wagner, WmHunter1 Nov 1907
Wahl, ArthurHunter1 Nov 1907
Wainwright, Harris E.Hunter24 Nov 1905
Wainwright, J.ZHunter27 Nov 1905
Wall, DuffyHunter16 Oct 1907
Walsh, Edward J. Physician802325 Feb 1905
Walter, JacobHunter
Wandrey, FredHunter417231 Mar 1907
Wandrey, Lewis C.Hunter
Ward, Willis P.Tavern12 Mar 1839
Warren, Clark LeRoyPhysician590222 Dec 1899
Wells, Willis J.Hunter69726 Oct 1909
Wierfong, Charles O.Physician31 Jul 1901
Wilcox, G. W.Hunter
Wilde, William A.Hunter3 Mar 1904
Willing, A.J.Physician26 Nov 1896
Willing, Mary H.Physician11 Jun 1896
Wilson, Albert J.Hunter

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