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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Sagner, Mary AmeliaPhysician657816 Feb 1903
Sassaman, F.N.Physician502631 Aug 1897
Sayles, Marshall F.Physician7 Aug 1885
Sayless, LizziePhysician2 Aug 1892
Scheuerman, Phil CHunter1 Sep 1905
Schneider, PeterHunter
Schroeder, John M.Fisherman20 May 1911
Schwarz, ErnestinaPhysician28 Sep 1895
Scott, Francis M.Physician6 Aug 1895
Scott, Lucy F.Physician6 Aug 1895
Scott, William FranklinPhysician6 Apr 1894
Sears, NathanVending11 Sep 1838
Senburg, ElmerHunter
Siegert, J.C.Fisherman
Sievus, JohnHunter
Siggins, John J.Physician23 Apr 1888
Simandl, John J.Hunter23 Mar 1904
Sims, JalHunter
Sims, PressHunter
Sloecker, J.J.Fisherman19 May 1911

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