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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Ranger, John NewtonPhysician29 Mar 1895
Ray, JamesJunk Dealer9 May 1906
Reglein, ArthurHunter16 Dec 1907
Reuther, John A.Hunter15 Mar 1907
Riche, PaulHunter3 Mar 1906
Roan, AmbroseHunter
Rosenbaum, F.M.Hunter
Rosenbaum, Gus A.Hunter41 Mar 1907
Rosenbaum, William P.Hunter
Ross, B.H.Hunter6 Nov 1907
Roy, Tadaypaly VeeraragavaPhysician21 Mar 1894
Rubin, BarneyPhysician34884 Aug 1897
Runkle, Lawrence K.Dentist185427 Jun 1904
Rutland, Ann NevePhysician11 Sept 1895
Rutland, FredPhysician31 Mar 1896
Ryan, J. A. Physician27 July 1885
Ryan, John A.Physician376116 Jul 1897
Ryan, MikeHunter22 Oct 1907

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