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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Pagel, Charles W.Physician329126 Jul 1897
Pagin, SamuelPhysician31942 Oct 1885
Palmer, Lyman R.Physician13 Aug 1889
Peck, Charles R.Physician7 Jun 1886
Peters, AldirchSpirits and Grocery7 Jan 1841
Peters, JohnHunter1 Mar 1907
Petterson, ElesHunter1 Nov 1907
Pierce, C.S.Fisherman13 May 1911
Pierce, W.F.Hunter2974325 Oct 1906
Pierce, W.F.Hunter26 Feb 1908
Piles, Freeda M.Physician57527 Jul 1899
Port, F.W.Hunter331969 Nov 1906
Powell, Edgar HowardPhysician704621 Jan 1905
Pratt, S.R.Physician30 Dec 1885

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