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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Madison, Peyton C.Physician5 Mar 1895
Mann, Jesse E.Physician9 Sep 1885
Marcus, H.J.Junk Dealer14 Aug 1905
Marcus, Himan I.Junk Dealer14 Aug 1905
Marcus, LouisJunk Dealer14 Aug 1905
Marr, Delos D.Physician14 Feb 1885
Mars, Mary M.Physician30 Sep 1896
Marshall, AlfredHunter8 Nov 1905
Mathir, AugustHunter11 Sep 1905
May, Louis R.Physician18 Mar 1895
McCarthy, John F.Physician44316 Jul 1897
McCarty, Eugene FHunter27 Feb 1906
McClure, George H.Physician1 Mar 1885
McDonald, J.M.Hunter27 Mar 1906
McGoogan, George B.Physician16 Jun 1886
McKee, Charles WilliamPhysician13 Nov 1886
McMichael, O.W.Physician54685 Nov 1895
McMullen, James DPhysician19 Nov 1895
McNellis, CharlesHunter1 Mar 1910
Meagher, James FrancisPhysician11 May 1896

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