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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Haas, LawrenceHunter27 Feb 1906
Habermann, Emil Physician17 Sep 1895
Hamill, JeremiahVending6 Nov 1839
Hamill, JeremiahVending7 Jun 1841
Hansen, AndrewFisherman
Hanson, H.S.Hunter27 Sep 1910
Harris, Orville E.Physician7 Nov 1905
Harrison, F.P. and L.N.Vending8 Mar 1839
Hart, DelbertHunter4 Nov 1907
Harvey, Don StewartPhysician25 Jan 1896
Haynes, Celia M.Physician16 Aug 1889
Hayworth, W.R.Junk Dealer6 Dec 1906
Hill, Clarence L.Dentist141720 Jul 1901
Hill, Fred P.Hunter19 Oct 1905
Hitis, Misc25 Sep 1893
Holden, GeorgeHunter26 Mar 1904
Hopkins, Louis F.Hunter13 Mar 1906
Howell, James Walter SullivanPhysician3 Apr 1897
Howerth, CoraPhysician696215 Aug 1904
Hubbard, R.B.Physician27 Aug 1885

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