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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Gerber, Orran P.HunterMar 1908
Gidley, Geo. W.Hunter18 Mar 1908
Gilson, EdwardHunter21 Oct 1907
Glissman, GeoHunter15 Apr 1907
Gowland, Harry EdmundPhysician905321 Feb 1910
Grahn, Alfred AFisherman
Graves, A.Fisherman12 Jun 1911
Gray, George W.Hunter2936822 Oct 1906
Gray, William H.Physician3 Sep 1890
Green, HiramPhysician260513 Aug 1897
Griffith, RoyFisherman
Gronnerud, AugustPhysician16 Nov 1895
Gunder, JohnHunter4 Nov 1907

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