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Miscellaneous licenses

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NameLicense/CertificateCase No.File DateFiled Under
Callahan, B.J.Physician24920 Oct 1897
Calvin, W.D.Physician29 Jul 1896
Carrithers, Jessie LornaPhysician29 Jul 1896
Carson, Harvey J.Hunter18 Mar 1908
Carson, J. C.Physician2968 Sep 1885
Cartle, HarryHunter
Cattron, William O.Physician25 Jul 1885
Cave, C.R.Hunter25 Oct 1904
Chancellor, Samuel R.Physician12 Jun 1889
Childers, W.P.Hunter
Childs, John R.Hunter
Christopher, W.H.Physician26 Nov 1890
Clifford, A.C.Physician1 Apr 1903
Coates, Hayes C.Physician7 Sep 1885
Cobb, LafeJunk Dealer6 Dec 1906
Cone, D. EdmundPhysician10 Feb 1905
Corbidge, William J.Hunter10 Oct 1910
Corey, Ernest APhysician31 Mar 1887
Crossy, Butler StewartPhysician1 Dec 1893
Crossy, JohnHunter26 Mar 1908

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