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This is an index of genealogical information printed in the Porter County Herald Newspaper. This file contains actual images of articles that appeared in the scattered issues of the Porter County Herald newspaper from 1933-1937 and a surname index to the stories.
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  Name     Newspaper Date
  Fabin, John R.     1/31/1935
  Fabing, Ethel E.     5/30/1935
  Fabing, Ethel E.     6/13/1935
  Fabing, Frank B.     5/30/1935
  Fabing, Frank B.     6/13/1935
  Fabing, John M.     4/27/1933
  Fabing, John R.     2/14/1935
  Faessel, Verna     1/14/1937
  Fagan (Turner), Eva     12/26/1935
  Fagen, Eva     7/11/1935
  Fagen, Michael George     11/28/1935
  Fagen, Nick, Mr./Mrs.     11/28/1935
  Fairbanks, Bonnie     3/7/1935
  Fairchild, Dan     1/5/1933
  Fairchilds, Sadie, Miss.     10/12/1933
  Faley, Frank L.     5/4/1933
  Falkner, Mrs.     6/10/1937
  Falls, Gleason     11/9/1933
  Falls, Gleason, Mrs.     11/9/1933
  Falls, John     1/21/1937
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