Obituary Knoxville Journal (1885-1906) Index

This obituary index covers the Knoxville Journal for the years 1885-1906. Although complete obituaries were not as common then as they are today and did not necessarily contain the level of genealogical information that we would expect today, many obituaries did appear.

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The Obituary Knoxville Journal (1885 - 1906) Index:

  • displays name, age, place, date, newspaper and page number
  • includes many obituaries without first names
  • includes many obituaries with titles (Mr., Mrs.) or descriptors (child, child of) rather than first names
  • includes obituaries of people who lived outside of Knoxville/Knox County

To get copies of obituaries:

  • Contact McClung Historical Collection staff directly by phone, mail, or send an email to
    • $3.00 for up to three obituaries
    • Date of death must be provided
    • May be combined with obituaries from the Knoxville Newspaper Obituaries Index (1991 - present)

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