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Knox County Marriage Index, 1901-1950

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   Groom    BrideRace*DateType*   Lic.# Book/Page
 Woolsey, John Martin  Baker, Genevieve    Apr 24, 1941     Marriage  420  21/194
 Woolwine, Elmer W  Hurd, Sue Craft    Aug 11, 1950     Marriage  1319  6/438
 Woolwine, Fred Ashley  Manard, Bettie Jane    Aug 2, 1947     Marriage  1076  3/359
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Marriage: Marriage license obtained from the Marriage Clerk, executed (marriage solemnized) and returned to the Marriage Clerk.
License: Marriage license obtained from the Marriage Clerk but either not returned or returned not executed (marriage not solemnized) to the Marriage Clerk.
Race: (n/w) – non-white