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Knox County Marriage Index, 1901-1950

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   Groom    BrideRace*DateType*   Lic.# Book/Page
 Boshears, William James  Madison, Georgia Ann    Sep 11, 1944     Marriage  5011  22/146
 Boswell, Douglas  Toro, Marie    Oct 17, 1944     Marriage  5132  22/158
 Bostic, James Nolan  Bostic, Mamie Virginia    Aug 30, 1946     Marriage  2473  2/325
 Boscarins, Tony  Martin, Theresa Marie    Nov 24, 1947     Marriage  141  4/47
 Boseman, Clarence  Addy, Katherine (n/w)  Mar 25, 1948     Marriage  610  4/204
 Bostell, Charles  Moore, Annie Bell (n/w)  Nov 21, 1949     Marriage  1426  5/477
 Boswell, William G  Grant, Velma Irene    Mar 27, 1950     Marriage  519  6/173
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Marriage: Marriage license obtained from the Marriage Clerk, executed (marriage solemnized) and returned to the Marriage Clerk.
License: Marriage license obtained from the Marriage Clerk but either not returned or returned not executed (marriage not solemnized) to the Marriage Clerk.
Race: (n/w) – non-white