Hamilton District Superior Court of Law and Equity, 1792-1809

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Name  Record Type  County Reference  Docket #  Date
Van, James
  Comment: Mentioned on Deposition
RN, BL, INDIAN LANDS 1179/241 1806
Vanbibber, Peter Defendant CL, KX, GG 906/586 1803
Vance, James
  Comment: Assault
Plaintiff JF, GN 147/59 1795
Vance, James Plaintiff SV 348/216 1798
Vance, John
  Comment: Governor vs; Assault
Defendant GN, WA 40/14 1794
Vance, John
  Comment: Assault
Plaintiff JF 90/25 1795
Vance, John Plaintiff GG 597/20 1800
Vance, Joseph
  Comment: Slander
Plaintiff GN, VA 2-May 1794
Vance, Joseph
  Comment: Slander
Plaintiff GN, WD 3-Jun 1794
Vance, Joseph Defendant SV 145 1796
Vance, Samuel
  Comment: Dispute/Slave
Defendant GN, KX 498/278 1799
Vance, Thomas Defendant SV, JF 182/119 1796
Vandyke, Thomas
  Comment: Witness
RN, KX 1222/251 1806
Vanhooser, Jacob Defendant KX 372/358 1798
Varnell, Joseph Defendant 1439/1146 1809
Vernoy, Jessee
  Comment: State vs
Defendant AN NO #, BOX 10 1805
Vickers, James Plaintiff JF 550/333 1800
Vickers, James Plaintiff SV 582,583/518,519 1800
Vickers, John Plaintiff SV 582,583/518,519 1800
Virrell, John Defendant KX 934/678 1803

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