Hamilton District Superior Court of Law and Equity, 1792-1809

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Name  Record Type  County Reference  Docket #  Date
Umstead, John Plaintiff GG 590/551 1800
Umstead, John Defendant GG 622/543,544 1800
Umstead, John
  Comment: Dispute/Land
Plaintiff KX 805/699 1802
Umstead, John
  Comment: Dispute/Land
Defendant AN, KX 844/698 1802
Umstead, John
  Comment: His Lessee
Defendant AN, GG 845/699,709,710,712,713 1802
Umstead, John Plaintiff AN, GG 944/708 1803
Umstead, John Plaintiff CL 1254/1025 1807
Umstead, John Defendant AN, CP 1334/876 1808
Underwood, James
  Comment: State vs
Defendant AN 1216/243 1806
Underwood, John
  Comment: State vs
Defendant AN 1216/243 1806
Underwood, William
  Comment: 1=Robert Burton; Land Petition
KX, AN, CL NO #, BOX 10 1803
Upton, Isaac Plaintiff BL 1252/1000 1806
Ussery, Thomas Defendant RN, GN 1292/952 1807

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