Knox County Wills & Estate Settlements Index, 1792-1939

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This Knox County Wills & Estate Settlements compilation combines the entries from the Knox County Estate Settlement Books (referred to in this index as Administrative Settlements) for the years 1792–1932 with the Will Book entries for the years 1874–1939. From 1792–1874, the Clerk maintained only one series of books in which all wills and settlements were entered. Beginning in 1874, the Clerk separated the two types of entries into two separate series, the settlements continuing in the original series of books and the wills entered in a new series of books called Will Books. This is important to understand because prior to this 1874 separation, wills, if they exist, will be found in the Estate Settlement Books (Administrative Settlements) and may not be noted as such. Beginning in 1874, you will find the wills only in the Will Books.

Copies of the original records can be obtained from the Knox County Archives. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for a price quote.

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