Knox County Chancery Court Index, 1832-1899

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Chancery Courts are courts of equity, presided over by a chancellor (judge). Chancery Courts handle a number of issues including civil suits, contract disputes, name changes, legitimations, etc... A number of matters, such as divorces, adoptions, workers’ compensation and the like can be heard in either chancery or circuit court

The Knox County Chancery Court first held court on April 16, 1832 in the courthouse in Knoxville, Tennessee. This Chancery Court presided over cases covering Anderson, Campbell, Knox & Sevier Counties in the early years.

The Knox County Chancery Court index is comprehensive for all dockets filed from 1832-1899. The cases indexed from 1832-1862 were indexed for all plaintiffs and defendants while only the primary plaintiff or defendant were indexed in the cases filed from 1863-1899. We continue to work on this index and will be adding dockets filed in the 20th century in the future.

In searching this index, the names of corporations, businesses, universities, agencies, etc… must be searched in the surname field, e.g. Knoxville & Ohio Railroad Co would be entered in the surname field (best searched by entering just one of the words in the name).

Copies of the original records can be obtained from the Knox County Archives. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for a price quote.

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