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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is
A. We provide website services for public libraries. We enable you to offer your users a more engaging and interactive web presence. (EP) services fit seamlessly into your existing web site. To your users, it appears they have never left your site!

Q. How does EP work?
A. Everything you need to start using our services can be done through our website. From the home page, select the service you are interested in and answer some questions about your library. Next you will have the opportunity to customize the service options to meet the needs of your library. When you're finished, we provide you with a URL you can use to link from your website to your new service. The process takes less than five minutes!

Q. How do I sign up?
A. To sign up for any EngagedPatrons services, click on the name of the service you are interested in using from the EP home page. Have questions before you decide? Use the contact form and we will reply promptly.

Q. Do I need to install anything on my web server?
A. No. All services are hosted at EP. If you can add a link to your website, you can take advantage of EP services.

Q. Do I need to do any programming or buy software?
A. Definitely not! We've done the programming for you. You reap the benefits of a more engaging and interactive web presence.

Q. Do you charge for your services?
A. Our services are free to qualifying public libraries (those receiving less than $1 million dollars per year in total income). Larger libraries pay an annual fee for selected services, others are free to all.

Q. What services do you offer?
A. See our home page for a list of the services currently available. We welcome suggestions for future service offerings. Contact us or leave a comment on our blog.

Q. My website has to appear within the navigation of my parent organization. Can I still use EP services?
A. EP services are designed to display within the framework of your existing website. You can update your site as your framework changes. Need help with get started? Just contact us.

Q. Can I designate others at my library to enter content?
A.Yes. As site administrator, you can create additional accounts (at no charge) to enable other library staff to access and enter content. For example, authorized staff can add blog entries, add events listings, access event registration lists, and so on. Only you make administrative changes, such as modifying settings.

Q. Do you offer technical support?
A. We offer web-based support to help you customize and take best advantage of our services.

Q. Can I track how many users visit my pages at EP?
A. Yes, usage reports are available from your password-protected Client Center website.

Q. What are your qualifications?
Glenn Peterson A. EP's founder, Glenn Peterson, has over 25 years of public library experience. A former reference librarian, Glenn developed websites for Hennepin County Library from 1995-2013. (EP is not affiliated in any way with Hennepin County Library).

Q. How can I keep up with what's new at EP?
A. Our blog News from will keep you current with developments. Our blog utilizes EP's own blogging software.

Q. Can I donate to support EP?
A. Donations can be sent via PayPal by clicking here: services are free to qualifying public libraries.