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Connecticut 169 Book Talk with Marty Podskoch
Brainerd Memorial Library
Thursday, Jan. 31, 6:30
  The Brainerd Library will host a book talk and signing by author and historian Marty Podskoch on his new book, The Connecticut 169 Club: Your Passport and Guide to Exploring Connecticut. The new travel book encourages travelers to visit all of the 169 towns and villages of our beautiful and unique state.
  Marty has created the book to be a guide and a passport. Podskoch got someone from each town to write a short description highlighting their town’s location, history, and interesting places to visit. Elizabeth Malloy, Executive Director of the Haddam Historical Society, has written the chapter on Haddam. Podskoch did this because local residents knew more about their town than he. The book has a space for travelers to journal about their experiences and a place to get the book stamped or signed by a resident or business. Travelers will get to know the locals and perhaps learn about a good place to eat or an interesting local attraction. In this way they get to know a lot about Connecticut and its residents.
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