Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
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Attorney Dyke Spear Evaluates UFO Evidence
Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
Monday, Apr. 22, 6:30 pm
As a spokesman and field investigator for the CT Chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Attorney Dyke Spear is highly qualified to give an insightful analysis of the UFO phenomenon. For the last 35 years, Attorney Spear has interacted, researched and conferenced with the leading UFO researchers in the world.
Much of the information he has learned is unknown to the general public and involves such personalities as astronauts Gordon Cooper and Wally Shirra, abductee Travis Walton, and show business diva Eartha Kitt. A practicing attorney since 1960, he presents a unique analysis of the UFO enigma.
Occasionally controversial  - but always colorful - Attorney Spear presents an informative and entertaining analysis of the UFO mystery. Sponsored by Friends of the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library.
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