Clay Work by Linda E
Clay Work by Linda Early

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 9 am - 5 pm
The Jacob Edwards Library invites you to an exhibit of the clay work by Linda Early of Nature's Gallery. Linda is an established artist who creates functional and decorative art . The show is on view throughout the month of November. The meet and greet with the artist is on Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the main hall. All welcome!


Artist statement

Clay is an amazing medium, offering endless opportunities for creativity and exploration.

I often go into my studio with no real ideas of what I will create. I let the clay speak to me. Whether it be a slab of clay or thrown on the wheel, It directs me. I may throw several forms and put them on the shelf to set up for trimming later. Once it is trimmed, I look at the shape and I start to alter it. Cutting, pinching or sculpting and letting my thoughts wander. Many times It is covered and left for a few days because it has not revealed itself yet. Sometimes an idea will come to me in the early morning, as the sun rises and I am waking from a dream state. It seems to come from a dream and as I wake it develops and excites me. I try to do a quick sketch of my thoughts, so I don’t lose that thread before I am able to get to my studio, where my projects and my clay await me. 

I am blessed to live on a property that offers views of fields, woodlands and creatures that fascinate and inspire me. Handbuilding offers freedom to work untethered from my wheel, so I can sit outside and appreciate my inspiring surroundings while playing with clay.  Birds of all kinds are abundant in my sanctuary - I’ve had visitors including hummingbirds to blue heron and everything in between! These have been the inspiration for my comfort birds.  Initially I started making the birds as adornments for larger pieces.  Because of the unique firing technique I employ, I have to do a lot of buffing on them.  One day I realized this part of the process was actually therapeutic for me, like petting a cat. Taking it a step further I began rubbing in lavender and realized it worked well as a room diffuser. I began warming them and adding the oil to them, making them wonderful for relaxing and therapeutic, as well as a unique decoration


"I have always been attracted to art and my search for the most enjoyable medium took many years. I played with many art forms. I worked in acrylic, oils and watercolor. I explored woodturning and experimented with metal.  In 1996, I started my love affair with clay when I took my first pottery class at the Worcester Center for Crafts. I went into my first class with the intention of working on the potter's wheel but found the art of hand building most fascinating, It challenged my creativity and I found it almost an out of body experience. The creative process is a journey that takes you to places limited only by your imagination.

I don’t refer to myself as a potter; I say I am a clay artist. My work is not confined to one specific style or theme but almost always leans toward nature and feels and looks organic. I tell people interested in learning about pottery “it is endless what you can create using clay, if you can imagine it you can create it.”

Feeling, molding and shaping clay soothes my mind. Everything I make comes from my head, hands and my heart. Creating is my passion, sharing it is my joy.”

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