The Impact of the 20
The Impact of the 2011 Tornado
Jacob Edwards Library

Thursday, Oct. 25, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Danelle Laflower and Jen Santoro will present a program based on their research in the Brimfield State Forest area after the June 1, 2011 tornado which was deemed an EF-3 or experienced wind speeds in excess of 136 mph. 

Their focus included studying the re-growth of downed trees and to determine which species are faring best, as well as reviewing how targeted salvage-logging affected those areas. and to analyze the ecological effect of salvaging. They tracked the changes that took place and summarized that though individual trees were damaged the forest itself was not, it was just changed.

John Scanlon, Mass Wildlife will join the presenters and share information about the ongoing bird study in the tornado zone. As this designated the Year of the Bird by the Audubon Society and National Geographic, the data will be interesting to review.

From the Southbridge Evening News: "They found the forest's dominant red oaks and red maples had a mixed response. The latter seem to be recovering pretty well along the tornado track, alongside black birch and American chestnut, while the former is doing better in the nearby "control" areas of untouched forest. The birches have been the big winner comprising 60 percent of the regeneration in the blowdown zone."

Danelle Laflower is a forest ecologist and until recently was at the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and Jen Santorois a graduate of the University of Vermont.

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