Love, Laughter and R
Love, Laughter and Rhubarb with Tinky Weisblat
Jacob Edwards Library

Thursday, Jul. 19, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
The Jacob Edwards Library is pleased to present Tinky Weisblat, author, singer and historian. She will be at the library to present her latest book "Love, Laughter and Rhubarb". All welcome. Light refreshments will be provided by the Friends of Jacob Edwards Library

"As a child, I disliked rhubarb and balked at eating it. As an adult, I have evolved into an enthusiast for the tart red stalks that pop up in my New England yard every year. Like most converts, I am wildly enthusiastic about her rhubarb “religion.” In Love, Laughter, and Rhubarb I share some of my reasons for loving rhubarb: its taste, its place as one of the first crops of the agricultural year, and above all its versatility. This sweet/tart plant can be made into just about anything.

The book provides more than 60 recipes, from beverages and appetizers through main courses and desserts. From the Madame Rhubarb (a Manhattan cocktail concocted with homemade rhubarb bitters) to Rhubarb Pizza to (of course!) Rhubarb Pie, Love, Laughter, and Rhubarb offers dishes to delight rhubarb enthusiasts and treats to tempt those who are not yet in love with “pie plant.” The book also includes essays about the history of rhubarb, rhubarb’s place in fiction, its use as the centerpiece of festivals around the country and beyond, and the many meanings of the word “rhubarb.” Of rhubarb, I write:
It’s beautiful. It’s resilient. It’s versatile. Oh, my goodness. I just realized that I may love rhubarb because it’s like ME!"

Tinky aka Diva of Deliciousness has worked in a variety of settings—teaching college, editing the catalog at the Museum of Television & Radio, introducing movies at a French film festival—but her first love is writing. "My favorite topics are cooking and popular culture; I like to explore the connections that link food, story, and song."
Tinky holds a bachelor's degree from Mount Holyoke College, a doctorate in American Studies from the University of Texas, and a master's degree in journalism from the University of Tennessee. 
Sponsored by Friends of Jacob Edwards Library.
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