Brainerd Memorial Library
Osaki-san, William G
Osaki-san, William Gillette’s Gentleman Valet
Brainerd Memorial Library

Friday, Dec. 13, 6:30 to 8:oo
or call 860 345-2204.
The East Haddam Stage Company will be presenting the one man show, Osaki-san, William Gillette’s Gentleman Valet. This one man drama brings to life the true story of Yukitaka Osaki, the second son of a warrior-class family from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Yukitaka Osaki became a confidante and friend to William Gillette.
It was 1888 when Yukitaka and and his older brother Yukio came to visit the US from Japan. Yukio went on to become a leader in Japanese politics, and would give Washington D.C. the famous Cherry trees. Come discover the story of the elusive brother behind the famous politician. Osaki lived from the Victorian era through the turn of the century and both World Wars. Poignant and life affirming, here is what you may not know about Victorian actor William Gillette, creator of the role of Sherlock Holmes and the quiet soul who worked by his side.
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