Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
Cookbook Club: Cooki
Cookbook Club: Cooking by the Book
Berlin-Peck Memorial Library

Monday, Aug. 27, 6:30 pm
We are trying something new this summer!  Please choose a library owned cookbook and make something within this month's theme.  August's theme will be "Outdoor Picnic", choose something you might bring to a picnic, whether a salad, a barbecued dish or an item of your choice.

Do you enjoy flipping through cookbooks to decide what to make? Do you search through recipes for inspiration? Come join our newest monthly book club, featuring cookbooks! Just register for "Cooking by the Book," pick a recipe from the specified theme, make the dish on your own, and then gather for a feast. While you eat, you can discuss the cookbook, its recipes and the process of choosing what to make and how to make it. Dishes will be evenly distributed among starters and sides, main courses, and desserts. You do not need to be an experienced cook, just an enthusiastic one! The library will provide plates, bowls and eating utensils.
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