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Pro Bono BUSINESS BUILDERS SERIES - “Bankers Perspective on Business Capacity”
Main Library
Thursday, Oct. 11, 6:00p.m. -8:00p.m.
Register Online or call 609-267-9660.
This program addresses how to assess the critical issues relating to how lenders examine the ability of a business to demonstrate that its net income is sufficient to repay a loan including:
1. How to evaluate a business debt to income ratio.
2. How to enhance a business income stream and cash flow given it’s existing revenue sources.
3. What is the debt service coverage ratio and its impact on business borrowing.
4. How to compare one’s business to its financial industry standards.
5. How does a business P&L relate to its Balance Sheet and used to develop a Cash Flow Analysis
vendors and suppliers to increase savings and cash flow.

Interested in enhancing your business success? This Pro Bono “Business Builders Series” designed to help all those who want to know more about Credit; Financial Capacity; Buying or Leasing Real Estate; Accumulating Cash to Start a Business and Starting a Home Base Consulting Business. Presented by: Sponsored by New Jersey Small Business Development Center @ Rutgers-Camden & Funding provided by Bank of America.
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