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Entrepreneurship Essentials
Bradley Beach Public Library

Tuesday, Apr. 6, 10:30am
Entrepreneurship Essentials (w/ Alejandro Cruz)
April 6 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Starting a small business is a rewarding but risky proposition. Before you hang the “Open for Business” sign or get in too deep in your new venture, you should take an honest look at your preparedness to succeed. This free workshop, a preview of our Entrepreneurship 101 course, will guide you through the assessment process and introduce you to the tools you’ll need to start and grow your business. You’ll be better prepared to:
Determine if you have the traits necessary to be a business owner
Identify your strengths and weaknesses and how they fit with business ownership
Assess the feasibility of your business idea within your targeted market
Conduct market research, business planning, and financial projection
Setting up the right foundation for your startup will put it on the path for success.

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