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Re-Strategize Your Business Planning to Prevail the Pandemic
Bradley Beach Public Library

Thursday, Nov. 5, 1:00pm
Re-Strategize Your Business Planning to Prevail the Pandemic (w/ George Slook)
November 5 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Entrepreneurs and small business owners are most vulnerable to failure in a global pandemic. They rely on a sustainable supply chain, whereby products and services flow from their suppliers, through their company, and on to their customers.
The pandemic virus destroyed this self-sustaining business model, making strategic and tactical plans no longer relevant.
Join this webinar, presented by seasoned business educator George Slook, and learn how to re-strategize your business planning to maintain an adequate level of cash on hand, and get suppliers and vendors to make their payments when due.
Attendees will learn:
How to determine the “Strategic Intent” of your company based on strategic planning sessions
In-depth details of “Strategic Integration” approaches, such as Forwards, Backwards, Horizontal, Vertical, and Balanced
Why the teachings of the renowned Sun Tzu are important to your business, who profoundly said ”Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive; Knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive.”

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