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Family Challenge!
Family Challenge!
Bradley Beach Public Library

Monday, May 25
or call 732-776-2995.
Pick one or all of the activities. Complete it. Take a photo. Send it or a copy of the writing to, Facebook, or the Flipgrid page password BradleyFamilies.
We are sharing activities using minimal materials because we know it is hard to aquire them right now. These are meant to inspire ideas. Feel free to be creative!
Register to get attachements.
  • Writing Prompt: Create a Venn Diagram of similarities and differences between you and a close family member. Come up with a list of 20 characteristics about yourself. Once you have come up with your list, talk to a family member at home, or phone/video call someone else, ask them to give you their 20 characteristics for each category. Put it into the Venn Diagram and examine what your similarities and differences are.
  • Art Challenge: Make a Shape Mobile [printable]
  • Lego Challenge: Build your own leaning tower. Like the leaning tower of Pisa.
  • Pre-K Playtime: Kitchen Band. Use pots and pans, containers, or another surface to create kitchen drums. Invite your child to suggest songs to sing, or to create new songs with you.
  • Steam Challenge: Family Favorites. Invite your child to cook a favorite family dish with you. As you cook together, talk about the recipe, the ingredients, and the directions.

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