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Family Challenge!
Family Challenge!
Bradley Beach Public Library

Friday, May 15
or call 732-776-2995.
Pick one or all of the activities. Complete it. Take a photo. Send it or a copy of the writing to, Facebook, or the Flipgrid page password BradleyFamilies.
We are sharing activities using minimal materials because we know it is hard to aquire them right now. These are meant to inspire ideas. Feel free to be creative!
Register to get attachements.
  • Writing Prompt: Take turns imagining what comes next in a story. Start a story, then pass it to your child to determine what comes next with a line such as, “and then…” You and your child can pass the story back and forth until it comes to an end.
  • Art Challenge: Make an agamograph. [register for attachement]
  • Lego Challenge: Build a tree or a flower.
  • Pre-K Playtime: Ask your child to draw pictures of what they did today. Ask them to tell you about the picture and add their words to the picture. Do this daily. Keep the pictures and combine them to make a book.
  • Steam Challenge: Watch this video about the science of cookies:
    Then bake some with your favorite recipe!

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