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Find a Rainbow Day Story Time
Bradley Beach Public Library

Friday, Apr. 3
Pre-K Families can host a stay-at-home story time until we can meet again!

Read Rainbow Fish:

Science Experiment:
SCIENCE – Fast Fish Experiment Students learn about surface tension in water.
MATERIALS — Water Bowl 
Liquid soap
Cardboard fish
Prep: Use the cardboard to cut out little fish shapes.

Fill the bowl with water. Tell your child you are going to float a cardboard fish in the water. What do you think will happen? Carefully place the cardboard fish on top of the water. Check predictions. Explain that you are going to drop a small amount of liquid soap behind the fish’s tail. Ask your child to predict what will happen. . Carefully add the drop of soap. What happens? (the fish swims away)
HERE’S THE SCIENCE — The fish swim away because the dish soap breaks the water surface tension. This allows the water to pull the fish away from the soap.
Extension: Try it with salt water.

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