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April Fool’s Stay-at-Home Story time
Bradley Beach Public Library

Wednesday, Apr. 1
Until we can meet for in-person story times, please try a story time lesson at home. If want, email a picture of your project to and she can share on Facebook.

Watch: Clark the Shark:

Make: Turn an envelop (from junk mail) into a shark.
MATERIALS — White business size envelopes, Grey crayons or pastels, Black marker or crayons, Tape or glue White paper
PROCEDURE — Color the envelope with grey crayon or pastel. Cut a triangle from one short edge of envelope to make mouth. Tape or glue the triangle to the top as a fin. Cut a row of triangles out of white paper to make teeth. Cut to fit the mouth. Glue the teeth inside the mouth. Draw a fin. Color, cut, and glue fin to the side of the shark. Use the black marker or crayon to draw an eye and details. Trim the edge of the envelope opposite the mouth, making an opening for your hand. Put your hand in the envelope to make the shark move.

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