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Books & Bites: "Hour of the Witch" by Chris Bohjalian
Middleburgh Library

Thursday, Oct. 13, 6:30 pm
Mary Deerfield is smart and outspoken, which wouldn’t be a problem except she’s a woman in seventeenth-century Boston. When she tries to divorce her husband on grounds of brutality, the trial quickly spirals out of control and Mary finds herself accused of witchcraft and facing the gallows.  This story of the original American witch hunt has many themes that resonate today, making it a great selection to delve deeper. With a short power point presentation, we'll learn more about the lives of women of the era and what led to the rise of witchcraft trials.  We'll sample some dishes from the Puritan woman's kitchen and end the evening with your thoughts about the book and some Devil's Food cake - not a 17th century recipe, but wholly appropriate for the subject matter!  Request a copy of the book through your online account or call the library at (518) 827-5142 for assistance.  Registration is required. 
Trigger warning:  This book depicts scenes of domestic abuse and rape.    
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