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Indigenous Cosmology Workshop with Philip Cote

Thursday, Jan. 20, 6:30pm
Join Philip Cote, MFA, Young Spiritual Elder and Renowned Artist, Muralist, Activist, Historian and Cultural Interpreter as he delivers a traditional workshop on Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Circular thinking and Heart thinking is the basis of Indigenous Ancestral Cosmology. Philip will expand on this wisdom he learned from his Elders and speak about the Beginning of the Universe, the Great Mystery and how it relates to all life on earth. Connections will be made to traditional teachings including Star Knowledge, the 13 Moon teachings and the cycles of the Earth and the Moon from an Indigenous Lens. 

This session will not be recorded.     

This workshop is part of Caledon Public Library's year-long Indigenous Series.  For more information and resources, please see CPL's Truth and Reconciliation page.


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