Caledon Public Library
Holocaust Education Week 2018
Albion Bolton Branch

Thursday, Nov. 8, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Eva Meisels was born in Budapest, Hungary, on July 3, 1939. When the Nazis occupied Hungary, she and her mother ended up crammed into one of 293 houses in the crowded Budapest ghetto, where 63,000 people struggled to survive. The sound of falling bombs and the sight of corpses piled in Klauzál Square marked her young life. Despite the horrors of losing family members and spending weeks in a basement bomb shelter, where she didn't see daylight for days she managed to survive and the unexpected kindness of strangers was critical to her survival. After the Hungarian Revolution, the family escaped to Austria, briefly settling in Vienna before immigrating to Canada. 
Light refreshments will be served following Mrs. Meisels presentation. Visit the library website to register. Everyone welcome.
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