Caledon Public Library
Stress Management/Mental Health 101 - CPL’s Adulting 101 workshop series
The Exchange - 55 Healey Road, Bolton

Monday, Jul. 17, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Ages: 16+
Led by Stephanie Mulhall, Certified Youth and Parent Coach and founder of With Kindness Coaching, this workshop will cover a variety of stress related issues with the following discussion points: What causes you stress? What does it feel like? How do people feel stress differently? How does stress affect your "whole self" (physical and mental health)? The workshop will cover: healthy vs. unhealthy ways of coping, how we all have mental health and the connection between healthy stress management and good mental health and finally, identifying resources and highlighting the importance of reaching out. This workshop is made up of discussions and hands-on activities as well as a copy of Stephanie's bestselling book, With Kindness: 3 Key Elements for a Transformative Deep Dive into Self-Acceptance, Connection and Understanding.
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