Crazy 8’s - Session 2, St. John
St John Branch Library

Monday, Oct. 22, 3:30 to 4:30 pm
or call 648-3319.
Students in grades K - 2 that haven't attended session 2 are invited to join us for crazy math fun.
Weekly Sessions:
New Schedule:
Sept. 17 Glow-in-the-Dark City: Take geometry to the next level! Flick off the lights to see your creations!
Sept 24 Walk on the Wild Side: How do insects and animals run so fast with all those extra legs? 
Oct 1 Funny Money: We’ll bet money you’ll love this one! 
Oct 8 Beach Ball Party: This is a party you won’t want to miss! 
Oct 15 Road Trip Race: Roll dice to travel around the United States Highways.
Oct 22 Funky Fractals: Get funky with patterns and mazes! Create crazy patterns with wax sticks, and connect them to make a giant version. Then design your own waxy maze to stump your friends.
Oct 29 Super-Cube Shuffle: Math and art collide when you use specially colored cubes to create funky designs. 
Nov 5 Epic Air Traffic Control: Build your own airport, complete with finger-light airplanes and a glowstick runway.
Sponsored by Friends of the St. John Library.
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