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CP - Sky Dome Traveling Planetarium Session #5 **REGISTRATION REQUIRED**
Cameron Park Library

Wednesday, Jul. 10, 3:30 pm
A portable, inflatable planetarium that will dazzle budding astronomers as they are taken on a tour of the solar system.  Enter the dome and be introduced to a "star filled" sky and be guided through the stars of the Northern Hemisphere.  Learn how to identify stars and constellations - Be introduced to Greek mythological characters and see how these heroes of the past can be found in the stars - Witness the night sky in different seasons and from different global perspectives!  All presentations are tailored for grades K-8.  Children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult.
Please note: sessions are 40 minutes long and will be in the dark. Be mindful if registering a small child that it is seating room only and there is not space for children to walk around.


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