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Virtual Program: The
Virtual Program: The Power of Meditation
Virtual Program

Monday, Nov. 16, 2:00 - 3:00

Take control of your life! Meditation is a simple way to deal with the daily stress we’re all familiar with. By incorporating this simple activity into your busy schedule, you can make it work for you. In this engaging workshop, Arvind Naik will present a simple, effective meditation technique that will help you connect with the source of peace and joy already within you. There will be a short meditation sitting.

We’re delighted to offer this program online so you can safely participate at home. The day before the event, we’ll send a link so you can join on your phone, tablet or computer. Check your email when registering so you’ll be sure to get the link.

Arvind Naik has an MBA in Global Business Management from NYIT and works as a Data Architect in Information Technology. He frequently gives lectures and workshops on meditation, discussing how incorporating the practice into our daily routine can be life changing and help us develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Arvind has led a meditation program at Target and regularly speaks at local community centers. He introduced meditation as a tool for stress reduction in the workplace at Boston Scientific and was invited by the Columbia Heights Police Department to give talks on how meditation can help the officers with their day-to-day stress.  

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