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What’s the Nam
What’s the Name of the First Satellite to Orbit Earth? The Moon!
Main Library

Friday, Jun. 7, 2:00

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing!  Dr. Billy Teets, from Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory will give us a crash course in all things concerning our only natural satellite, including its features and structure, formation, orbit, effects on Earth, phases, and human exploration.

Dr. Billy Teets is the outreach astronomer at Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory.  Billy was born and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee, and received his B.S. in Physics in 2004 from Austin Peay State University.  He was accepted to the Vanderbilt University graduate program in 2005 and received his Ph.D. in (astro)physics in 2012.  He has worked at Dyer Observatory since 2006; he was hired on as the staff astronomer in late 2012.  As Dyer’s outreach astronomer, you can find Billy giving tours around the observatory, operating telescopes at public events, working with school groups that visit Dyer during field trips, and much more.

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