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Bugs of Tennessee: P
Bugs of Tennessee: Plant Pests (WCPL Garden Talk Series) @ Main
Main Library
Monday, Jun. 25, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Is something bugging your garden? Learn how to identify symptoms and signs of many common insects and the damage that they cause in your garden. And then find out what to do about it! You will also learn to recognize beneficial insects, those that control other harmful or annoying members of the insect order. Remember, not all bugs are bad! And don’t forget to bring your insect (or its damage) for ID!

Amy Dismukes is the Horticulture Agent for the UT/ TSU Williamson County Extension. Amy is a graduate of Auburn University, where she received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture: Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Production, and a Master of Agriculture in Plant Pathology & Entomology. She provides educational training for homeowners and commercial clients on horticulture and best management practices, coordinates the Williamson County Master Gardener Program, and provides diagnostic services for Williamson County residents. She is a frequent guest speaker for professional, garden, and horticultural associations, and commercial pesticide workshops and conferences.

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