GENEALOGY - Intermed
GENEALOGY - Intermediate DNA For Genealogy: Interpreting My Results and Analyzing Data
Central Genealogy
Wednesday, May 16, 1 - 2:30 PM
or call 936-788-8363.
So you’ve taken a DNA test, and have your results. Now what? Come to our Intermediate DNA for Genealogy class!

Come learn how to interpret you results and the next steps you can take to find new cousins and analyze your DNA. We’ll cover topics like tips on contacting DNA cousins, creating spreadsheets of Cousins, and using tools like triangulation to determine relatedness. Come improve your DNA skills and take your DNA research to the next level.

???????Please contact the  Genealogy Department at  936-788-8363 x6249, stop by in person, or go online ( to register!   
Sponsored by MCMLS Genealogy.
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