SOUTH Preschooler Storytime
South Branch
Tuesday, Mar. 6, 10:00AM & 10:30AM
Preschooler Storytime provides a place for children to practice the storytime manners they have learned in Toddler Time. Children in Preschooler Storytime are expected to sit or stand still, listen to the storyteller, and practice self-control for longer periods of time than required during Toddler Storytime. Stories are longer and activities are more complex. Children may practice their independence by attending Preschooler Storytime without their caregiver (caregiver must remain on the first floor of the library at all times). Preschool Storytime lasts about 30 minutes.
Storytime Guidelines
To ensure an enjoyable storytime experience for all families, please observe the following guidelines:
· For storytimes requiring tickets: tickets are free and may be picked up from the Children’s Reference Desk 30 minutes before each storytime begins. 
· Prepare your child for Preschooler Storytime by talking about storytime manners—sitting or standing still, listening to the storyteller, talking quietly, and being kind to others.
· Some children need to work up to sitting through a full, 30-minute storytime. If your child becomes restless or upset, please step out of the room for a “break”, then quietly return when your child is ready.
· Small children may stand instead of sit, but should not run or climb during storytime.
· Keep casual conversations to a minimum and place cell phones on silent mode.
· Strollers are not allowed in the storytime or meeting room. Baby carriers/car seats are acceptable.
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